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School Trips & Language Courses
Educational and cultural trips to the Caucasus & Silk Road
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School Trips & Language Courses

Educational and cultural trips to the Caucasus & Silk Road

We believe that the educational process should not end when we leave the classroom. Traveling ourselves as children, we still remember the joy and excitement of exploring different countries. We believe that traveling abroad rewards inquisitive young minds with the amazing diversity of our planet and its people. We would like to offer you the perfect opportunity to take your students out of their normal environment and give them a rare, life-changing educational experience.

Itineraries overview.

Soviet history, Russian Empire and Russian language practice

Presently, arranging educational trips to Russia for language immersion and historical exploration is fraught with challenges. In light of this, we present an enticing alternative - school excursions to Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. These destinations offer a rich tapestry of cultural exploration intertwined with Russian and Soviet history.

In these destinations, students not only delve into the rich cultural heritage and history but also have the opportunity to practice their Russian language skills. Additionally, each programme can include a visit to a local Russian school, facilitating an exchange of ideas, cultural exchange, and perhaps even engaging in sport activities or games. Furthermore, if desired, students can opt for Russian language courses as part of the programme. These courses provide structured language learning opportunities

In Georgia, for example, students not only immerse themselves in its vibrant cultural heritage but also have the opportunity to hone their Russian language skills. Exploring historical landmarks in Tbilisi and Joseph Stalin's birthplace in Gori, participants delve into the shared histories of Russia and the Soviet Union. Lermontov's and Griboedov's sites and other culturally significant locations further enrich the educational experience.

In Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, similar opportunities abound. Students can delve into the legacies of the Soviet era, exploring historical sites, monuments, and museums that reflect the region's ties to Russia and the USSR. In Uzbekistan, for instance, the ancient Silk Road cities and Soviet-era architecture offer glimpses into a complex historical narrative. Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, the Baikonur Cosmodrome stands as a testament to the Soviet space programme's monumental achievements.

In Armenia, traces of Soviet influence are evident in its architecture, museums, and cultural institutions. Students can explore sites like Yerevan's Soviet-era buildings and the Armenian Genocide Museum, gaining insights into Armenia's complex relationship with the Soviet Union.

Each of these destinations offers a unique perspective on the intertwined histories of Russia, the USSR, and the region as a whole. By providing immersive educational experiences in these countries, we aim to broaden students' understanding of this multifaceted legacy.

Your ideal itinerary

Please have a look at our sample itineraries designed for educational trips. Please note, on all of our trips with a group of more than 10 participants, teachers are always provided with complimentary travel.

If required, we are able to develop similar routes in other countries. Wherever your imagination might take you, we are able to tailor-make any travel solution for you. Just give us an idea about your interests, number or participants, your budget and we will be happy to offer you an exceptional personalised itinerary. You can read more about the countries of the Caucasus in our online guides to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

Destination highlights

Here are some destination highlights to assist you in making your choice.
  • Georgia: famous for its natural wonders including mountains, old cave cities, and beautiful valleys; cultural landmarks such as old monasteries and churches; UNESCO heritage sites; historical buildings in Tbilisi connected with Russia, including sites related to Tolstoy and Stalin; special hall in the national museum dedicated to the Soviet occupation; birthplace of Stalin in Gori; renowned wine-making traditions with opportunities for students to observe wine production; delicious cuisine including the famous khinkali dish; Russian spoken but not as widely understood compared to other destinations.
  • Armenia: rich cultural heritage with ancient monasteries, churches, and archaeological sites, including the UNESCO listed objects; stunning natural landscapes, including the rugged mountains of the Caucasus, serene Lake Sevan, and picturesque valleys; rich culinary tradition; Russian is widely spoken.
  • Uzbekistan: magnificent oriental mosques, palaces, and madrasas (educational institution) showcasing Muslim culture; mix of architectural styles including Soviet, Tsarist Russian, and traditional Islamic; rich historical connections with the Tatar-Mongol empire and Silk Road trade routes; great local cuisine and opportunities for students to participate in master classes such as plov cooking and ceramics workshops; Russian language widely spoken and understood.
  • Kazakhstan: natural landmarks, including vast grasslands, majestic mountains, and stunning canyons; ancient archaeological sites in Turkestan; nomadic traditions and way of life; Soviet legacy; Russian language widely spoken.

Costs saving tips

We understand that some schools operate on very tight budgets and may not achieve initially planned number of student participants. Nevertheless, we still aim to make these trips possible. Below, we've compiled some cost-saving tips to help facilitate these endeavours. To save money, consider:
  • opting for shorter itineraries - average saving £50 - £75 per person per day;
  • collaborating with other schools to increase the number of participants and share costs;
  • travelling with only hand luggage (a cabin bag) - average saving £50 - £90 per person for flights;
  • excluding meals - average saving £15 per person per meal. Note, you'll still need to budget for food, but you can communicate to parents that it's an additional cost;
  • excluding master classes - average saving £15 per person per master class;
  • for trips to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, consider excluding early check-in on the arrival day. Instead, opt for a flight that arrives at your destination around 8-9 AM - average saving £35 per person.


Our most popular routes displayed below have already been tested by a number of UK schools. We can provide school references upon request. The teachers who participated in the trips will be happy to share their experience with potential customers. In the meantime you can read our customers’ reviews.

Sample itineraries

To access the detailed programme and download the itinerary in a Word format, simply click on the tour name.
Trip 10 people
2 FOC*
15 people
2 FOC*
20 people
2 FOC*
25 people
3 FOC*
30 people
3 FOC*
40 people
4 FOC*
(from) **
5 days
£625 £545 £525 £495 £455 £425 £450
6 days
£675 £645 £595 £575 £525 £495 £450
7 days
£745 £695 £645 £625 £595 £555 £450
6 days
£675 £645 £595 £575 £525 £495 £450
6 days
£675 £645 £615 £575 £565 £545 £700
8 days
£895 £795 £745 £725 £695 £675 £700
9 days
£1,045 £945 £845 £775 £745 £675 £700
*FOC - free of charge. Price per person for a land-tour.
**Flight price depends on the dates of travel and departure city. The indicated flight price above is for guidance only.