Why visit Georgia

It may be small, but the diminutive country of Georgia punches well above its weight when it comes to tourism; here’s why you should visit.
  1. Its mountain landscapes rival the best scenery in all of Europe and Asia - from Ushguli, Europe's highest village, to the spectacular medieval settlements of the Caucasus Mountains, it’s worth making the trek up to Georgia’s higher altitude attractions.
  2. The lowlands pack a punch too - from the forests and canyons near Kutaisi to the beaches of the Black Sea, it’s worth coming down to explore as well.
  3. Stalin was born there - he might have been the Russian leader, but he was actually born in Gori, where you’ll find a museum dedicated to his life.
  4. It’s the birthplace of wine - forget France or Italy, you can’t consider yourself a wine buff until you’ve tried Kakheti’s full-bodied red or a white Tsindali.
  5. You can participate in a supra - the country’s traditional feasts are the perfect way to sample the delicious local cuisine ably assisted by the Tamada or toastmaster.
  6. Soak in the capital’s thermal baths - Tbilisi gets its name from the word “tbili” meaning warm, and that’s because of the water.  Head to Abanotubani to experience the Persian baths.
  7. Its hospitality is legendary - where better to take a holiday than to a country which believes its guests are a blessing sent from God?

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