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Why visit Armenia
Armenia travel guide

Why visit Armenia

Landlocked Armenia is brimming with attractions, enough to fill a person’s bucket list without looking outside the country. Don’t miss these essential experiences.
  • Its mountain landscapes are spectacular and with over 90% of the country comprising hills and mountains you’ll be spoilt for choice.
  • Marvel at the ancient manuscripts in Yerevan’s Matenadaran.
  • Visit Armenia’s UNESCO-listed monasteries and churches at Haghpat, Sanahin, Geghard and Echmiatsin.
  • Head to Dilijan National Park to hike in the Alpine meadows which give the area its nickname of “Little Switzerland”​.
  • Hike in the footsteps of St Gregory on the slopes of Mount Aragats, the country’s highest peak and a dormant volcano to boot.
  • Armenia might not have a coastline but the beaches around its biggest body of water, Lake Sevan, more than compensate.
  • Chow down on Khash, said by locals to be the best cure for a hangover if you’ve overdone the cognac the night before.