Gobustan National Park, located in the Greater Caucasus Mountains is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its rock art engravings. These images depict prehistoric hunting scenes, fishing, domestic lifestyles, flora and fauna. Some of these, such as whales, dolphins and auks, are long gone from the Caspian Sea.  Others, featuring bullfights, ritual dances and camel caravans, paint an evocative picture of what life was once like here.  Over 6000 engravings survive, dating back as far as 40000 years. Petroglyphs from Gobustan adorn the country’s 5 manat banknote. The area is also known for its explosive mud volcanoes which occasionally shoot flames high into the air. You’ll also find here, unique to this part of Azerbaijan, a gemstone called Gaval Dash which makes a sound like a tambourine when struck.