Akhaltsikhe Akhaltsikhe
Located in Southern Georgia, Akhaltsikhe translates as “new fortress” and the renovated Rabati Fortress is an important landmark in this part of the country. Containing... Read more
Alaverdi Alaverdi
Located in the north east of the country and easy to reach by train from neighbouring Georgia, Alaverdi is an important commercial centre located on the Debed River gorge. Cultural... Read more
Amberd Amberd
This 7th century fortress on the slopes of Mount Aragats is colloquially known as the “Fortress in the Clouds”. Invaded by the Turks and captured by the Mongols, the si... Read more
Areni Areni
Archaeological excavations at Areni-1 in 2007 uncovered several interesting finds, notably three pots containing human skulls. Inside one was what’s thought to be the oldest ... Read more
Baku Baku
Azerbaijan’s capital and largest city, this is a city where past and present are intertwined. The Old City’s Icheri Sheher fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dom... Read more
Batumi Batumi
Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, Batumi’s beautiful beach is very popular in summer. Its 7km boardwalk, known as Batumi Boulevard, was the brainchild of Pr... Read more
Dilijan Dilijan
Little Switzerland as it’s dubbed is a pretty resort and spa town located in the Dilijan National Park. Surrounded by the forested hills and Alpine meadows of the Lesser Cauc... Read more
Echmiatsin Echmiatsin
Renamed Vagharshapat a couple of decades ago, this is Armenia’s fourth largest city. The base of the Armenian Catholicos, it’s packed full of churches and has not one b... Read more
Ganja Ganja
The country’s second largest city was founded in 494BC and as a result has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Perhaps its most unusual attraction is the Bottle House, b... Read more
Garni Garni
One of Armenia’s must-see sights, the archaeological site of Garni features the remains of the temple and Roman-style baths built in 76 AD on the foundation of stone walls co... Read more
Geghard Geghard
North east of Garni, higher up the Azat Gorge, sits the Geghard Monastery. Its cathedral was constructed in 1215 though the monastery had been around for hundreds of years before t... Read more
Gobustan Gobustan
Gobustan National Park, located in the Greater Caucasus Mountains is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its rock art engravings. These images depict prehistoric hunting ... Read more
Gori Gori
Gori, named after its hilltop fortress, dating back to the 7th century. Later, the city became an important trade hub. More recently, it was the birthplace of Joseph Stalin and the... Read more
Goris Goris
The attractive town of Goris is located in central Armenia and is famed for its thousands of rock-hewn dwellings. It has a number of important tourist attractions, among them the A... Read more
Gudauri Gudauri
Perched at an altitude of 1198m on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains near Cross Pass, this attractive winter resort is an easy trip from Tbilisi. From December to April... Read more
Haghpat Haghpat
Along with nearby Sanahin Monastery, the Haghpat Monastery shares a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This mediaeval monastery was founded by Queen Khosrovanuysh around ... Read more
Kazbegi Kazbegi
The town of Stepantsminda, also known as Kazbegi, is the jumping off point for Kazbegi National Park. Located on the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, this exceptionally b... Read more
Khor Virap
Khor Virap Khor Virap
Khor Virap has immense significance to Armenian history. It was there that Grigor Lusavorich, or St Gregory the Illuminator as he later became, was imprisoned. Whilst behind bars, ... Read more
Kutaisi Kutaisi
In the days of the Golden Fleece, Kutaisi was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Colchis and it remains Georgia’s second largest city. The jewels in its crown are without ... Read more
Mardakan Mardakan
Located on the Absheron Peninsula, this seaside resort is one of the area’s oldest villages and is named after the Mards (Braves) who lived here in the first century. The vil... Read more
Mingachevir Mingachevir
The fourth largest city in Azerbaijan, Mingachevir is located on the banks of the Kura River, its gorge utilised for hydro-electric power creating a huge manmade reservoir. Life re... Read more
Mtskheta Mtskheta
Another of Georgia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Mtskheta’s long history dates back to before 1000BC. Once the capital of the Kingdom of Iberia, it’s located on ... Read more
Nakhchivan Nakhchivan
Located on the bank of the Nakhchivan River, most tourists are drawn to the city to reap the benefits of its therapeutic salt caves. Treatments are said to help individuals sufferi... Read more
Noravank Noravank
With its backdrop of the terracotta cliffs of the Amaghu River gorge, this monastery must have one of the most picturesque settings in all of Armenia. The monastery features the tw... Read more
Oshakan Oshakan
Frequented by locals more than foreign visitors, the church at Oshakan contains the tomb of Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet. Built in the 5th century AD but r... Read more
Saghmosavank Saghmosavank
The Monastery of Psalms is the setting for one of Armenia’s best known legends. Tamerlane, a violent invader, fell ill soon after invading Armenia and capturing important his... Read more
Sanahin Sanahin
Connected to Alaverdi by a cable car said to have the steepest ascent of any in the former USSR, Sanahin village houses a 10th century monastery complex which is UNESCO-listed. The... Read more
Sevan Sevan
Lake Sevan is a popular summer beach resort. Visitors flock to its shores to enjoy the country’s only beaches and to take to the water for swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing a... Read more
Sheki Sheki
Set against a backdrop of snow-capped Caucasus peaks, Sheki developed as a trading centre with many caravanserais located within the city. Two still remain: the Upper and the Lower... Read more
Sighnaghi Sighnaghi
With its cobbled streets and balconied homes, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Italy. Surrounded by over four kilometres of stone walls, the laid back city of Sighnag... Read more
Sumgait Sumgait
This is Azerbaijan’s third most populous city, developing quickly as an industrial centre during Stalin’s time and still a major steel producer. Legend has it that a he... Read more
Tatev Tatev
The monastery at Tatev is reached by the “Wings of Tatev” cable car, opened in 2010 and the world’s longest non-stop double track cable car. This 9th century Arme... Read more
Tbilisi - the Capital of Georgia
Tbilisi - the Capital of Georgia Tbilisi - the Capital of Georgia
The Georgian capital straddles the banks of the Mtkvari River. Founded in the 5th century by King Vakhtang I Gorgasali, it contains many bath houses fed by the area’s natural... Read more
Uplistikhe Cave Town
Uplistikhe Cave Town Uplistikhe Cave Town
Translating as “the Lord’s fortress”, Uplistsikhe is one of the oldest urban settlements in the country. This cave city near Gori was cut from the rock on the lef... Read more
Vardzia Vardzia
Near Akhaltsikhe, it’s well worth taking an excursion to Vardzia, a cave town founded in the 12th century which once housed a population of 50000; as well as people’s h... Read more
Yerevan - the Capital of Armenia
Yerevan - the Capital of Armenia Yerevan - the Capital of Armenia
Nicknamed the “pink city” on account of the widespread use of rose-coloured tuff rock in its architecture, the Armenian capital was founded way back in 782 BC. Modern Y... Read more
Zvartnots Zvartnots
The collapse of this ruined 7th century cathedral located just a few kilometres from Yerevan’s international airport remains a mystery. It was built at the place where King T... Read more

Highlights of Armenia - 6 days (AM-01)
If your time or budget is limited, this short tour of Armenia will provide the opportunity to visit some of the country’s most culturally important sights. You’ll also have time to visit ancient monasteries, and enjoy Armenia’s fascinating landscapes.

Duration: 6 days
Price: from £995
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Best of Armenia - 8 days (AM-02)
This eight day tour will provide the opportunity to visit some of the country's most fascinating sights at a leisurely pace. You’ll have time to explore the capital city of Yerevan as well as visit ancient monasteries, and of course appreciate mountainous Armenia’s most breathtaking scenery.

Duration: 8 days
Price: from £1,295
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Great Armenian Discovery - 10 days (AM-03)
This ten day tour will provide the opportunity to have an in-depth visit to the country’s most fascinating and culturally important sights. At a leisurely pace, you’ll explore the major landmarks of Armenia and also visit a local family to learn about the way of life in these parts.

Duration: 10 days
Price: from £1,495
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Highlights of Azerbaijan - 6 days (AZ-01)
With so many treasures scattered throughout the country, it can be hard to know where to begin on a tour of Azerbaijan. This six day tour comprises the major landmarks and ancient towns including Sheki and Shamakhi. This trip is a good introduction to this fascinating country.

Duration: 6 days
Price: from £945
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Best of Azerbaijan - 8 days (AZ-02)
This eight day tour offers the chance to comprehensively explore the fascinating Azerbaijan. Beginning in the nation’s capital, you’ll visit historically important cities and towns, see the curious natural phenomenon that is Yanar Dag and the 16th century Ramana Fortress.

Duration: 8 days
Price: from £1,095
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Best of Georgia and Armenia - 10 Days (CT-01)
During these 10 unforgettable days you will have a chance to visit two countries: Georgia & Armenia and enjoy fantastic hospitality and unique cultural landmarks.

Duration: 10 days
Price: from £1,595
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Highlights of Georgia - 6 days (GE-01)
This six-day tour offers the chance to get acquainted with the capital’s most important sights yet still provides the opportunity to explore a little of Georgia’s incredible scenery and enjoy guided tours of the country major landmarks as well as a wine-tasting and folklore show.

Duration: 6 days
Price: from £1,045
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Best of Georgia - 8 days (GE-02)
This tour crams the highlights of the wonderful country of Georgia into an eight day package. From the ancient churches and historic museums of the capital Tbilisi to the natural splendour of the Kazbegi region with plenty of fascinating stops in between.

Duration: 8 days
Price: from £1,295
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Great Georgian Discovery - 10 days (GE-03)
Over a period of ten days, you’ll have time to get beneath the surface of this beautiful and welcoming country with this, our most comprehensive tour of Georgia. We will explore the most important UNESCO listed sights as well as stunning landscapes of the Kazbegi region.

Duration: 10 days
Price: from £1,595
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