Azerbaijan’s capital and largest city, this is a city where past and present are intertwined. The Old City’s Icheri Sheher fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dominated by the adjacent 12th century Maiden Tower. But there are many more facets to this fortress complex: the Shirvanshah’s Palace, the Sinik-Gala minaret, mosques, caravanserais and baths. However, it’s the modern city that is making headlines. The twin Flame Towers, suitably illuminated after dark, are already one of the country’s most recognisable landmarks and the Crystal Hall will be readily identifiable by Eurovision fans following 2012’s Song Contest there. While in Baku, don’t forget to stroll along the City Seaside Park by night lit with neon lights. The city’s myriad museums, concert halls, shopping malls and restaurants will also tempt most visitors to linger a while.