This 7th century fortress on the slopes of Mount Aragats is colloquially known as the “Fortress in the Clouds”. Invaded by the Turks and captured by the Mongols, the site was abandoned in 1236 and lay untouched until excavation and reconstruction began in the 20th century. The basalt castle walls, once lavishly filled with silks, brocades, oil lamps and glistening precious metals, draw many visitors today, as does its bath house.

Alaverdi Alaverdi
Located in the north east of the country and easy to reach by train from neighbouring Georgia, Alaverdi is an important commercial centre located on the Debed River gorge. Cultural... Read more
Amberd Amberd
This 7th century fortress on the slopes of Mount Aragats is colloquially known as the “Fortress in the Clouds”. Invaded by the Turks and captured by the Mongols, the si... Read more
Areni Areni
Archaeological excavations at Areni-1 in 2007 uncovered several interesting finds, notably three pots containing human skulls. Inside one was what’s thought to be the oldest ... Read more
Dilijan Dilijan
Little Switzerland as it’s dubbed is a pretty resort and spa town located in the Dilijan National Park. Surrounded by the forested hills and Alpine meadows of the Lesser Cauc... Read more
Echmiatsin Echmiatsin
Renamed Vagharshapat a couple of decades ago, this is Armenia’s fourth largest city. The base of the Armenian Catholicos, it’s packed full of churches and has not one b... Read more
Garni Garni
One of Armenia’s must-see sights, the archaeological site of Garni features the remains of the temple and Roman-style baths built in 76 AD on the foundation of stone walls co... Read more
Geghard Geghard
North east of Garni, higher up the Azat Gorge, sits the Geghard Monastery. Its cathedral was constructed in 1215 though the monastery had been around for hundreds of years before t... Read more
Goris Goris
The attractive town of Goris is located in central Armenia and is famed for its thousands of rock-hewn dwellings. It has a number of important tourist attractions, among them the A... Read more
Haghpat Haghpat
Along with nearby Sanahin Monastery, the Haghpat Monastery shares a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This mediaeval monastery was founded by Queen Khosrovanuysh around ... Read more
Khor Virap
Khor Virap Khor Virap
Khor Virap has immense significance to Armenian history. It was there that Grigor Lusavorich, or St Gregory the Illuminator as he later became, was imprisoned. Whilst behind bars, ... Read more
Noravank Noravank
With its backdrop of the terracotta cliffs of the Amaghu River gorge, this monastery must have one of the most picturesque settings in all of Armenia. The monastery features the tw... Read more
Oshakan Oshakan
Frequented by locals more than foreign visitors, the church at Oshakan contains the tomb of Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet. Built in the 5th century AD but r... Read more
Saghmosavank Saghmosavank
The Monastery of Psalms is the setting for one of Armenia’s best known legends. Tamerlane, a violent invader, fell ill soon after invading Armenia and capturing important his... Read more
Sanahin Sanahin
Connected to Alaverdi by a cable car said to have the steepest ascent of any in the former USSR, Sanahin village houses a 10th century monastery complex which is UNESCO-listed. The... Read more
Sevan Sevan
Lake Sevan is a popular summer beach resort. Visitors flock to its shores to enjoy the country’s only beaches and to take to the water for swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing a... Read more
Tatev Tatev
The monastery at Tatev is reached by the “Wings of Tatev” cable car, opened in 2010 and the world’s longest non-stop double track cable car. This 9th century Arme... Read more
Yerevan - the Capital of Armenia
Yerevan - the Capital of Armenia Yerevan - the Capital of Armenia
Nicknamed the “pink city” on account of the widespread use of rose-coloured tuff rock in its architecture, the Armenian capital was founded way back in 782 BC. Modern Y... Read more
Zvartnots Zvartnots
The collapse of this ruined 7th century cathedral located just a few kilometres from Yerevan’s international airport remains a mystery. It was built at the place where King T... Read more

Highlights of Armenia - 5 days (AM-01)
If your time or budget is limited, this short tour of Armenia will provide the opportunity to visit some of the country’s most culturally important sights. You’ll also have time to visit ancient monasteries, and enjoy Armenia’s fascinating landscapes.

Duration: 5 days
Price: from £895
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Best of Armenia - 8 days (AM-02)
This eight day tour will provide the opportunity to visit some of the country's most fascinating sights at a leisurely pace. You’ll have time to explore the capital city of Yerevan as well as visit ancient monasteries, and of course appreciate mountainous Armenia’s most breathtaking scenery.

Duration: 8 days
Price: from £1,295
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Great Armenian Discovery - 10 days (AM-03)
The comprehensive itinerary of this ten day tour enables participants to get to know the fascinating country of Armenia. The tour includes time in the capital Yerevan, the pretty spa town of Dilijan and some spectacular scenic drives including a crossing of the Selim Pass.

Duration: 10 days
Price: from £1,595
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Discover Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan - 16 Days (CT-02)
These three Caucasus nations - Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan - couldn’t be more different, but they share a common desire to show guests warm hospitality which makes them a wonderful choice for a holiday. Over a period of sixteen days, you’ll enjoy visits to UNESCO-listed monasteries, unique subterranean cave systems, wineries and of course, a rural landscape that’s as diverse as it is beautiful.

Duration: 16 days
Price: from £2,495
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Best of Armenia and Georgia - 12 Days (CT-05)
This 12 day tour combines the best of Armenia and Georgia, two very different but equally rewarding countries. In both, you’ll discover centuries-old monasteries in breathtaking locations, fascinating museums, characterful cities and of course a landscape that’s as beautiful as it is varied.

Duration: 12 days
Price: from £1,945
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